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Intertek PTL sponsors the 57th Annual Meeting of ISO/TC 61 on Plastics September 20-26, 2008
9/15/2008 -

Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories (Pittsfield, MA)is a proud sponsor of the ISO/TC 61. Intertek PTL is an active participant in the important work of ISO/TC 61. The US/TAG coordinates US involvement in the ISO standards development process. Since 1993, ASTM International has administered the US/TAG under Subcommittee D20.61 of ASTM International's Committee on Plastics. Subcommittee D20.61 is responsible for US review and balloting of all standards developed by ISO/TC 61. The administration of the US/TAG to ISO/TC 61 is funded by contributions from US industry and by individual members of the US/TAG.

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