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PVC Identification & Testing at Intertek PTL

Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories (Intertek PTL) provides identification of PVC in addition to standard PVC testing for mechanical and other properties. Many industries now require identification of PVC in products to meet toy, building and construction, consumer goods and other regulations. Intertek PTL provides cost-effective, quick turnaround testing.

Basic Identification of PVC Presence
For identification of PVC, Intertek PTL performs Fourier Transfer Infrared Analysis (FTIR) - a spectral analysis which can easily identify classes of polymers such as PVC. FTIR produces a unique "spectral fingerprint" based upon the frequencies at which the material absorbs infrared light. The resulting spectral scan (absorbance or transmittance) is used to identify general class of material such as PVC. Only a few grams of material is required for FTIR identification

Determination of PVC Contamination in Part or Resin.
FTIR spectral subtractions are used to look for internal contamination of PVC in other polymers. The peaks associated with the base polymer are subtracted from the spectral scan and then an analysis of the resulting spectrum is performed.
The amount of contamination that can be detected depends on the spectral scans of the base polymer and the contaminant. Contamination involving materials with very different infrared spectra can usually be detected at a level of about 1-2%.

Property Testing of PVC Standards ASTM D1784
Intertek PTL provides high-volume, cost-effective testing to PVC standards including the material guideline ASTM D1784.

ASTM D1784 -Standard Specification for Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Compounds and Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC) Compounds outlines the following test methods:

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