About Us: Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories

Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories (Intertek PTL) is the one-stop resource for testing and inspection for polymer materials in every industry and application. Intertek PTL is the established Leader in Plastics Testing with over 20 years experience, state-of-the-art equipment and fast turnaround on testing and test protocols. As a member of the Intertek network of laboratories, with hundreds of labs and areas of expertise available, Intertek has the solutions you need for your test programs.

Intertek PTL is an independent accredited testing laboratory dedicated to plastics, elastomers, composites, and film. Below is just some of Intertek PTL’s capabilities:

Consumer Goods
Plastic Performance
Material Identification
Lot Certification
Quality Programs
Failure Analysis
Specification Testing
Chemical Compatibility
Formulation Development
Datasheet Generation
Overflow Testing
Lab Management Services

We know the testing procedures required to meet your needs. We not only know the procedures but help to write them at ASTM and ISO committee meetings. Our ongoing commitment to ASTM and ISO committees on plastics allows Intertek PTL to be the leading experts in providing testing to industry standards. In addition, Intertek PTL provides courteous technical assistance with immediate quotes on test protocols, in-depth technical communication, e-mail confirmation of receipt of material, and reports by emailed with a hard copy to follow in the mail. We provide the technical expertise you need. Let our experience work for you!

Intertek PTL understands your need for quick and accurate test results. We provide the test results you need - one test, multiple lot, or comprehensive laboratory services - when you need them! Our customers say we provide some of the best turnaround times in the industry.

Intertek PTL is accredited by A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) to ISO/IEC-17025:05, certificate #0619-01 to nearly 150 tests. Our accreditation and technical expertise allows us to assist our customers which include nearly every Fortune 500 leader in the plastics industry.

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About Us: Intertek Group Plc

Intertek Group Plc provides global laboratory capabilities for the polymer industry. Intertek PTL is Intertek’s polymer testing center in North America. Intertek PTL (formerly Plastics Technology Laboratories, Inc., PTLI) is part of Intertek Analytical Services Group, a global leader and single source provider of reliable, high-quality analytical services.

As part of Intertek Group Plc, Intertek PTL offers clients access to additional resources. Intertek’s capabilities include Elemental Analysis; Surface Microstrucural Analysis; Chromatography; Microscopy; Mass Spectrometry; Particle Analysis; Vibrational Spectroscopy; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; X-Ray Diffraction, Surface Property Analysis, Polymer Compositional Analysis, Packaging Materials Testing and Microscopy Surface Assessment. Intertek provides Flammability and Fire Resistance such as Flame Spread and Smoke Evaluations. Intertek offers world-class Plastics Processing Facilities using molding, blown film, flat film, tubular extrusion, extrusion coating, injection molding and blow molding machines. Intertek provides RoHS, WEEE, restricted substances services (bis Phenol A, phthalates) and environmental compliance services. Contact Intertek PTL to learn how Intertek is your one-stop resource for testing and inspection for polymer materials in every industry and application.

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