Type of Tests:
Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories regularly performs tests on thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, composites, and polymers including:

BIO-RAD Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectrophotometer - Moisture Content by Karl Fischer and FDA Extractions
Analytical Laboratory
Instron Universal Tester - Tensile, Flexural, Compressive, Shear, Puncture, Tear, Poisson’s Ratio, Part Testing
Mechanical/Physical Laboratory
Quadtech Digi-Bridge and Multimeters - Dielectric Constant, Dissipation Factor, Volume Resistivity and Surface Resistivity testing
Electrical Laboratory
Common Accelerated Weathering Tests
Weathering Laboratory

Perkin Elmer Thermomechanical Analyzer - Coefficient of Thermal Expansion etc.
Thermal Laboratory
Rheological Testing - Kayeness Capillary Rheometer
Rheological Laboratory
Optical Testing - BYK Gardner Colorimeter
Optical Laboratory

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Some of the more common testing performed by Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories.

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