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Composite testing is expertly performed at Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories’ Composites Testing Center. We focus on composite materials including Sandwich Core Materials, Polymer Matrix Composites, Fiber Reinforced Composites, Composites Laminates, Honeycomb Core Materials, Carbon Fiber Composites, and Graphite Fiber Composites, so you can obtain the quality testing data you require for your applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, energy, medical, military, and building products industries.

Composite Testing Center capabilities include microstrain measurements using bonded strain gages and environmental chambers for high and low temperature testing:

Tensile Tests: Compression Tests: Flexural Tests: Shear Tests: Analytical Tests: Cure Tests: Moisture Tests: Impact Tests: Exposure Tests: Electrical Tests: Testlopedia®:
For additional testing capabilities see Testlopedia® for our free online plastics testing encyclopedia.

Specimen Preparation:
Services provided by Intertek PTL include a Machining Center with CNC machining, Bridgeport and Lathe capabilities. Intertek PTL provides machined specimens from virtually any type of plastic or composite parent form including sheet, rod, tube or profile fabrication. Machining capabilities include carbide and diamond tooling for plastics, adhesives and composites. For a quote for composites testing call us immediately at +1 (413) 499-0983, e-mail us at and bookmark this site for future access.

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