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     Common Optical Tests like Gloss (ASTM D2457, ASTM D523), Refractive Index (ASTM D542, ISO 489), Haze and Luminous Transmission (ASTM D751, ASTM D1044), Three Dimensional Color Measurement to XYZ or Lab Scale (ASTM D6290, ASTM E 1347, ASTM E308, Grey Scale per AATCC), Yellowness Index (ASTM E313), UV and Visual Light Absorption and Transmission along with Optical Distortion measurements are expertly performed at Plastics Technology Laboratories, Inc. Nearly, every test is A2LA Accredited and is performed on state of the art equipment to assure that you receive the accurate and precise results you require, and our turn around times cannot be beat.

      Optical properties, in general, measure the absorption, reflectance and transmission of light of varied frequency and wavelength. The testing often utilizes Spectrophotometers to create either graphs or individual data points.

      In addition to the standard Optical tests, PTLI also performs many Weathering and Environmental Exposure tests on plastics prior to Optical evaluations. PTLI's Weathering Capabilities include Xenon Arc Accelerated Weathering (ASTM D 2565, ASTM D4459, ASTM DG155, ISO 4892, SAE J1885, SAE J1960) along with the new highly predictive accelerated weathering (Xenon Arc HPAW) and even QUV Accelerated Weathering . We also have the ability for ASTM and ISO Sample Preparation by Injection Molding, along with CNC Machining and Compression Molding to assure that your ASTM and ISO samples are properly prepared.

     Our knowledge of materials allows us to assist you in choosing the correct test, be it Gloss , Haze or Optical Distortion. Whether it is a plastic that might require UV Transmission, an elastomer needing Color measurement or a Film or Composite Material requiring Accelerated Weathering followed by Yellowness Index, we can help.

    Industry leaders rely on PTLI for all their Optical test requirements for plastics performance, quality analysis, PPAP submission and material development to name a few. When it comes to Optical Testing PTLI is truly The Leader In Plastics Testing with 20 years experience and full capabilities. For a Quote on these or any other tests Click Here.

Color Measurement

For a Quote on these or any other tests Click Here.

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