Polyolefin Testing:

Polyolefins Testing & Specimen Preparation by Intertek PTL

Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories (Intertek PTL), the Leader in Plastics, Elastomers, Film and Composites Testing, provides a variety of testing and specimen preparation services to meet polyolefin industry requirements. Intertek PTL provides fast, knowledgeable and cost-efficient testing services.

Polyolefin industry leaders rely on Intertek PTL for specimen preparation and testing services. Intertek PTL is experienced in interpreting material requirements to the various specifications and performs associated testing and specimen preparation for some of the leading polyolefin resin suppliers in the industry. Through active participation in Standards Organizations such as ASTM D20.15 and D20.10, Intertek PTL is proficient in all aspects of testing to ASTM polyolefin material specifications such as ASTM D4101 for Polypropylene (PP) and ASTM D4976 for Polyethylene (PE) as well as the associated ISO specifications to include ISO 1873-2 for PP and ISO 1872-2 for PE. Intertek PTL also provides comparative test methods of film and sheet as outlined in ASTM D2103 for PE film. Intertek PTL is experienced with End-part testing, R&D support and QC of polyolefin materials. Intertek PTL continues to focus on the polyolefin industry and regularly attends industry specific events such as the SPE International Conference on Polyolefins.

Correct specimen preparation is vital to test results. Additional services provided by Intertek PTL include Injection Molding of polyolefin test specimens to meet ASTM and ISO specifications by an approved outside service. Injection molding services include 2 cavity Z gate tools and family tools. Intertek PTL also performs in-house Compression Molding for polyolefin material including 2 mm for tensile specimens & 3.2 mm plaques for flexural specimens. In-house Die-cutting of films and Machining of end-parts ensures optimal turnaround.

Intertek PTL has some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Typical turnaround is two to five days from receipt of prepared specimens. Intertek PTL can provide testing for one test to multiple lots.

Intertek PTL truly is the Leader in Plastics testing and provides fast, knowledgeable service. To learn more about tests performed at Intertek PTL, go to www.ptli.com for informative services such as Testlopedia™, a free encyclopedia outlining nearly every test required by the plastics, elastomers, composites and film industry. Let Intertek PTL’s knowledge of materials assist you in achieving your program goals. Contact Intertek PTL today to request a quote.
Intertek PTL is accredited by A2LA to meet ISO/IEC 17025.

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