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Carbon Black In Olefin Plastics

ASTM D1603

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Determination of carbon black content in Olefin materials like polyethylene or polypropylene that do not contain nonvolatile additives or fillers. The test is often used as a quality control measurement for black polyolefins.

Test Procedure:
A sample of known weight is placed into a weighed combustion boat. The sample is then placed into a 600C tube furnace under a dry oxygen free Nitrogen purge. After a set time the combustion boat with the burn residue is cooled under the nitrogen purge and weighed. The combustion boat is then placed into a 600C muffle furnace to oxidize the carbon residue. When the carbon is completely oxidized the combustion boat is cooled and weighed.

Specimen size:
One to a few grams

The percent carbon black =
(Wr - Wo) x 100

Wr = the mass of the residue from the tube furnace
Wo= the mass of the residue from the muffle furnace
Ws= the original mass of the sample

Equipment Used:
Tube furnace            Muffle furnace
Combustion boat            Analytical balance
Oxygen free nitrogen            Flow meter

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