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Density of Sandwich Core Materials (ASTM C271)



ASTM D271 is a standard method for determining the density of a sandwich core material. For sandwich core structural materials, properties may be may be proportional to density.

Test Procedure:
Specimens are machined from customer supplied product. The specimens are measured to the nearest 0.001. The specimens are then conditioned per customer requirements. After conditioning, the specimens are measured and then weighed.

Specimen size:
12 inch x 12 inch x thickness.
Five Specimens are tested.

Density is reported in SI units or inch-pounds.
Calculation for SI units: dSI = 1,000,000 * wt / (l * w * t)
Wt = weight
l = length
w = width
t = thickness

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**Please note that this test description is intentionally generic in nature and aimed at providing a descriptive summary to enhance test understanding. For more information please contact a Intertek PTL Technical Representative at . Due to copyright restrictions, we are not able to provide copies of standards. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standards authorities.

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