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Gel Time of Carbon Fiber-Epoxy Prepreg ASTM D3532

ASTM D3532


ASTM D3532 test standard is used to determine the Gel Time of Carbon Fiber-Epoxy Prepreg using a subjective determination of when gel point is reached. It is suitable for resin systems having high or low viscosity. Gel time may vary with temperature and the method outlines two temperatures (ASTM D3532: Procedure A 120C or Procedure B 175C).

Test Procedure:
The prepreg is stored at approximately 0F to avoid curing. The prepreg is allowed to warm to room temperature and the specimens are cut to the appropriate dimensions. A hot plate is heated to a specified temperature (Procedure A 120C or Procedure B 175C). A coverglass is placed on the hot plate and allowed to sit for 20 seconds. The prepreg sample is placed in the center of the coverglass and covered with another coverglass. The technician probes the edge of the prepreg while recording time.

Specimen size:
Three specimens approximately 0.25" x 0.25".

Gel time is recorded as the time at which the material no longer has a tendency to form "strings" when probing. Gel time is recorded to the nearest 1 second.

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