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Vicat Softening Temperature

Vicat Softening Testing Aparatus
ASTM D1525
ISO 306

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The Vicat softening temperature is the temperature at which a flat-ended needle penetrates the specimen to the depth of 1 mm under a specific load. The temperature reflects the point of softening to be expected when a material is used in an elevated temperature application.

Test Procedure:
A test specimen is placed in the testing apparatus so that the penetrating needle rests on its surface at least 1 mm from the edge. A load of 10N or 50N is applied to the specimen. The specimen is then lowered into an oil bath at 23 degrees C. The bath is raised at a rate of 50° or 120° C per hour until the needle penetrates 1 mm. 

Specimen Size:
The test specimen must be between 3 and 6.5 mm thick and at least 10 mm in width and length. No more than three layers may be stacked to achieve minimum thickness. 

The Vicat softening test determines the temperature at which the needle penetrates 1 mm. 

Equipment used at Plastics Technology Laboratories, Inc.:
Atlas HDV2 DTUL/ Vicat tester.

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