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At Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive TPO Global Conference, Dearborn MI
10/4/2004 - Pittsfield, MA

Carl Olson
Plastics Technology Laboratories, Inc.
50 Pearl Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Press release

At Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive TPO Global Conference, Dearborn MI

Plastics Technology Laboratories, Inc. expands capability for testing of thermoplastic polyolefins for automotive applications.
PTLI, the leader in plastics testing, has expanded its capabilities for testing TPOs (thermoplastic polyolefin resins) for the automotive market. PTLI has added a new Zwick 010 UTM to its stable of universal test machines. This machine is capable of a 50mm/min strain rate, allowing for high speed tensile property testing. It is equipped with a Zwick BTC ExMacro .001 extensometer, capable of 80mm travel, and is rated class B1 per ASTM E83 (+/-.05% Î).

PTLI has added additional capacity in physical testing, thermal analysis, and environmental exposure to support customer needs. In the area of environmental conditioning, PTLI offers thermal aging, chemical compatibility testing, and UV exposure and accelerated weathering using Atlas Electric® Xenon arc weatherometers.

With an exclusive focus on testing plastics, elastomers and composites, PTLI brings nearly twenty years of experience to support automotive and other industries. PTLI’s strength is in high volume testing for such requirements as PPAP submission, material and application development, and product specification. By continuing to add depth to its resources, PTLI insures that it will maintain its typical fast turn-around time of two weeks or less.

PTLI is A2LA accredited to ISO 17025 for more than 120 test methods, including ASTM and ISO methods. An extensive library of standards is maintained for rapid response to OEM test programs. Quotations for testing are completed at no charge, typically in 24 hrs. Additional information can be found at the PTLI website

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