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Introduction to Testing Webinar
10/4/2005 - Pittsfield, MA

PTLI to present the SPE webinar 'Introduction to Plastics Testing'

October 4th 2005

Glenn Sime, Project Manager at Plastics Technology Laboratories, Inc. (PTLI) will present the SPE webinar 'Introduction to Plastics Testing' on October 4th 2005. The Introduction to Plastics Testing web seminar will give an overview of equipment and methods used to characterize polymeric materials used across a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. Engineers, designers, and processors will learn the basic terminology and methods used to solve plastics problems, and improve processing efficiencies.
In addition, this web seminar will help you answer questions such as:
  • What type of plastic is this? Is it contaminated?
  • Why is my part cracking?
  • How do I know if I have good incoming plastic raw material?
  • Is my plastic compatible with a specific chemical?
  • Which plastic material should I use for this application?
The Introduction to Plastics Testing web seminar will show how testing can be applied to the many forms of plastic including the raw resin pellets, injection molded parts, or extruded film, sheet and tube. Reference will be made to additional forms of polymeric materials such as composites, adhesives, and coatings.

Glenn Sime joined PTLI as a Testing Specialist in 1997. His primary expertise lies in Capillary Rheometry, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, and Mechanical Testing. Glenn has participated in the development of an ISO 179 Charpy Impact precision and bias data through ASTM D20.10.02. He has held the position of President for the Western New England chapter of the Society of Plastic Engineers and has served as Vice-president, Newsletter Editor and is on the Board of Directors. Glenn is currently the Project Manager at PTLI. Glenn earned a B.S. degree from the University of Massachusetts in 1992.

To sign up, go to the Society of Plastics Engineers website at All proceeds go to the Society of Plastics Engineers.

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